Requirements Gathering

User Stories

Writing User Stories

Sizing User Stories

Using User Stories

Use Cases

Minimal Marketable Features

6 Responses to Requirements Gathering

  1. […] Product Owner is the one steering the Development Team: she decides which User Stories will be built in a given […]

  2. […] done with your current work item (user story or whatever you want to call it) when it’s coded, all the tests pass, and the code is […]

  3. […] has many distractions, though, like Getting a Story […]

  4. […] case models are best created when use cases are: during requirements gathering. It’s easiest to define the abuse cases after the regular use cases are identified (or even […]

  5. […] it takes time to write code, writing less code means you’ll be more productive (finish more stories per […]

  6. […] are great for developers, since they provide quick and unequivocal feedback about whether the story is done. Not only the main success scenario, but also alternate and exception scenarios can be […]

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